Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable childhood blindness
Malnutrition is responsible for 45% of all childhood deaths. With your help we can change all this and work wonders to save children’s lives.
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Donation for Children in India
The Rural Village of Nayakuni Thanda
Our reception at Nayakuni Thanda commenced with a traditional guest-welcoming celebration followed by the administration of vitamin A and Albendazole. (Albendazole eradicates parasitic organisms, protects against giardiasis and microsporidiosis, and amplifies the benefits of vitamin A supplementation). The warm welcome by the children’s mothers and the village elders who came out to thank us, as well as the smiling faces of the beautiful children we served, further enhanced what was a remarkable day – a day of genuine appreciation openly communicated by those whom we assisted.
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The Men, women and children of Gabillalpet (GHMC Dump Yard)
Slum residents make money by rummaging through trash for anything that can be sold – most of which goes to businessmen who pay them next to nothing and then re-sell the garbage for a large profit. For these poorest of the poor, a lack of funds means very little nutritious food for their children, and commonly results in malnutrition – particularly for the youngest and most vulnerable. SevaChild is providing vitamin A and Albendazole to the children of Gabillalpet to help build the stronger immune systems that will minimize the occurrence of diseases related to malnutrition, and even prevent premature death.
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